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Additional to security like no other, G2 minus offers many other benefits.  

G2 minus offers customers customization the opportunity to accelerate and personalize their platforms:

Building a communication platform is brutally difficult. Building one from scratch is near impossible. Many projects and people that would be open to a platform based on blockchain and NFT technology do not have the time and resources to construct them. G2 minus solves this problem. 


 G2 minus technology is easy to use, interact with and expand on. Customers can personalize based on style, functionality and much more. G2 minus gives you the opportunity to control your destiny and not wait for someone else to do the heavy lifting. We want consumers to have optionality, to have the freedom of choice. By providing technological acceleration, personalizable through our technology, we have done just that. 


Many communication platforms suffer from spam and unwanted visitors; G2 minus based platforms are immune.


Spam is a massive problem on many communication platforms. In quarter 1 of 2022 Facebook took action on 1.8 billion pieces of internet spam. Messaging platforms are plagued with spam and unwanted guests. With G2 minus technology, only people who own the NFT can access the communication functionality. Spam may still exist but is curbed tremendously. 


Poison Pog NFT is seeing the benefits of G2 minus technology through RipBull Networks owned Inn App chat.


Poison Pog community members have received the privilege of access to our own display of G2 minus in the real world. NFTs with utility are here to stay. NFT technology used to create utility is here to stay. We have combined both these ideas and greatly enhanced the Poison Pog community. With our technology, Poison Pog is able to offer their community members a whole new way of communication. It is paramount for Poison Pog to differentiate themselves from other NFT projects and through including our technology in their processing, they have done just that. With our technological experience, Poison Pog owners will also have access to the Meta Mansion. This is a next generation gaming experience fueled by our advanced technology.  


Our technology proves the value of blockchain technology. As we grow, so will other ideas rooted or enhanced by blockchain.


Many NFT projects and DAOs taint the incredible applications of blockchain technology. Pump and dump schemes are rampant and the vast applications of blockchain can sometimes be hidden behind financial loss and distress. 


Showing consumers the value of blockchain and meta-technology, whether it revolutionizes the way doctors can practice simulations, the way humans consume sports and media entertainment, the way we own and exchange property, or the way we communicate with each other, is imperative to innovation and moving forward as a civilization. We are committed to utility. We are committed to providing the world with utility. We are doing that through blockchain.

We guarantee your questions are our questions. As we take the journey into the future, we want to leave you with some food for thought. 


As a user if a member of G2 minus was in the messenger and sold their poison pog NFT what happens to their access? 

I have more than one poison pog NFT. How does my personal collection system not get confused which one do I accept? Do multiple NFTs equate to Multiple profiles?

If I have a poison Pog NFT what happens if I sell it if someone else buys your NFT that you already used will that history show up?

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