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Our team is hand selected and contains the perfect combination of youth and expeirence necessary for the projects success. We are committed all committed to G2 Minus and will make sure the technology we provide does change the world.

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Brandon Gutierrez

Brandon is highly educated and effective, drawing knowledge from all across business, through vast experience. Brandon is innovative, hardworking and highly motivated to lead our push to to change world and the way blockchain technology is perceived.  

Ron Lewis

A former air force programmer, Ron Lewis was integral everywhere he worked. Authoring a programming language still used by the airforce today and playing a major role in Century Link’s switch Lumen and following technological evolution. 

Ryan Volk

Ryan’s career is nothing short of outstanding. Ryan was one of the lead consultants helping Word Crex achieve a whopping 3.5 billion dollar valuation and has worked for KPMG, SOAprojects and Franklin Tempelton Investments. 

Shivam Verma

Shivam is one of the most respected blockchain engineers out there. He has extensive experience making an impact with multiple years served with DLT Labs and Fieldcoin. Shivam has a unique ability to learn new information and adapt to changing times. 

Steven Almeida

Steven has spent his early career working with and developing Chatbot. He worked for RallySeller and Kettlebell Kings before we took his talents to Ripbull. Highly educated and capable, Steven is perfect for the role of Sr. ChatBot architect.

Team: Team Members
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