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Letter from the founder

As we change the way the world communicates, we decided to give you a sneak peak.

Who are we?

We are Rip Bull Networks, and since then we have been developing our flagship product In-App Chat. 5 years ago, we focused on and applied to be able to use avatars along with traditional workspace messaging. Our early ambition put us on the right track in incorporating blockchain technology into what we do; through this came the birth of G2 minus.  

This technology, G-2 minus, will provide optionality in communication. Scalable and efficient, G2 minus is a deconstructed version of messenger with extensive chat capabilities, encrypted and secured through the blockchain. We have decided to share this technology with the world, expanding communication freedom for all.  


How does blockchain improve our technology?


A blockchain is a ledger used to record and store information. NFTs are tokens secured on the blockchain, all unique from each other (Non-Fungible). Stored in wallets, NFTs each have a unique code and can only be accessible by one user.  


Think about a text message on an existing communication platform like Whatsapp. In order to send that text message, you need an account. Your username and password is then stored in WhatsApp’s memory. When a message is sent, it is sent to a middle location and then redirected to the receiver of the message. Because of human error and sometimes deliberate breaks in the code, hackers and unwanted visitors can access these messages. 


Blockchain erases this problem. There is no human error potential and nobody is making decisions for anyone else. True security, equity and fairness are exhibited in the truest form. 


Instead of a username and password, you access your account with an NFT, stored in a cryptocurrency wallet. Instead of a cloud operated by people, your valuable information will be stored on blockchain ledgers. Furthermore, access to chat networks will be limited to only holders of a certain class of NFTs. 


How is End to end encryption failing in the real world?


Nations have control over their communication platforms. Hackers and spies, unwanted visitors and spam bots, enemies and surveillance agencies all try to access these regulated data pools. We hear of date hacks all of the time. The European Union is on the verge of passing the Digital Markets Act,  an announced plan to regulate conglomerates like iMessage and WhatsApp, forcing them to interoperate with smaller platforms. The US government cooperates with major communication conglomerates to share information for “national security”. All we are trying to do is provide optionality, through a more secure alternative.


Our technology completely solves these problems. By combining blockchain technology with the minds of our peer to peer communication experts, we have built futuristic gold. 


How does our futuristic gold work in the real world?


Our technology offers a combination of direct messaging, media sharing, channel forum types, group admin rights, and extensive management tools. 


The success of our networks is currently being displayed by Poison Pog Genesis Collection. Holders of Poison Pog ERC-721 tokens will have access to G2-minus messenger. We believe this immediately makes Poison Pog tokens one of the highest utility bearing tokens on the open market. 


Launching our inaugural technology with Poison Pog will give you clarity of the capabilities of our technology. 


Where are we going to take this in the future?


We will expand to business, commerce and leisure. As our technology becomes more widespread, we hope it changes the way you communicate. Jump on our ship and let's ride into the future together!



Brandon Gutierrez

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