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Parallel Lines


Blockchain: A ledger that records past transactions certified by bidders. Considered to be the most secure way to store information. 

Cryptocurrency: A Digital currency that is fungible and transactions are recorded through the blockchain.
Cryptocurrency Wallet: A place to store NFTs and cryptocurrency. 

Decentralized: When no one organization has control over the outcome of decisions in an ecosystem.
Non-Fungible Token (NFT): A token that provides ownership of something on the blockchain. 

NFT project: A project monetizing the creation of NFTs or using NFT technology.

Poison Pog: An NFT project using our G2 Minus technology. 


API: A software intermediary that connects two different applications.

End to End Encryption: When date is encrypted once it is sent and only the person receiving it can decipher the message. 

E2E Instant Messengers (WhatsApp, Signal, TG): Platforms that currently use End to End Encryption technology to allow for communication. 

G2 Minus: Technology rooter in blockchain and NFTs that is more secure than current End to End Encryption technologies. 

Technology Stack: A combination of technologies used to achieve a certain goal. In G2 Minus, blockchain and NFTs are part of the technology stack. 

Web 2.0 Authentication (email + phone): The typical authentication exhibited by most advanced companies in existence.

Web 3.0 Authentication (WalletConnect): Connecting a cryptocurrency wallet to login instead of traditional measures.

Glossary: Activities
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